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It’s time that everyone demanded more from food companies.


It’s a given that “good food” should taste good. But good food should also be more nutritious.

Too often our food choices are driven by necessity and convenience rather than by a conscious decision, based on our health interests. As a society we’re too busy, too often reaching for the quick solution. Unfortunately, many on-the-go food products focus too much on taste and too little on providing advanced nutrition that keep our bodies performing properly.

We’re Origin Food Group. It’s our belief that no one should have to compromise nutrition for taste or convenience.

That’s why it’s been our mission for over 40 years to produce deliciously healthy dairy products made with the highest quality ingredients like yogurt with HOWARU® premium probiotic and antioxidant-rich superfruits. Each product is purposefully designed with all natural health boosters that deliver advanced health benefits. Such as, Vida Drinkable Yogurt with PinVita Phytosterols for heart health—it's powerful nutrition in every creamy fruit-infused sip.

Through exceptional products like Vida, we invite you to experience a healthier more satisfying life the Origin way.

Origin Food Group

It’s our mission to deliver on-the-go food
products with the advanced nutrition our bodies
need and the uncompromising taste we crave.