Functional foods are in our roots and, it's our future.

We’re a family-owned company who led the movement in South America for healthier and more convenient food solutions, which today is known as Functional Food.

For nearly four decades, it’s been our life’s work to produce better tasting and more nutritious products that deliver real and measurable wellness benefits. Fueled by this commitment, we were the first in our country to:

  • Introduce Swiss-style drinkable and spoonable yogurt products.
  • Fortify every product with extra vitamins, minerals and supplements.
  • Use only premium ingredients, such as HOWARU® probiotics and TruCal® calcium.
  • Deliver specific functional benefits, such as Benecol to lower cholesterol and iron to fight childhood anemia.

Building on vast experience and innovative firsts in dairy and functional foods, we expanded our business to North America in 2009.

Today, Statesville, NC is home to our U.S. operations where all of our better-for-you products are developed and produced in-house. Through brands like VIDA and Frush, we’ve discovered a whole new customer base seeking better ways to make eating healthier more convenient, more delicious, and more nutritious.

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In our homeland, we’ve fostered strong partnerships local dairy farmers to help grow our economy through the production of the highest-quality ingredients. A tradition we continue today by sourcing ingredients locally, whenever possible, such as milk that comes from Stamey Farms our dairy partner - in Stateville, NC.