Fruity creamy goodness, fantastico!

Frutel is rich and thick creamy yogurt made with real fruits — strawberry, strawberry banana, peach, mango and guanabana, and fortified with other essential nutrients. It’s high in calcium and a good source of protein. Plus, with only 2.5g of fat and only 23 grams of sugar, it’s an anytime healthy treat.

Every 7 oz. serving of FRUTEL™ delivers the following:

Premium Optisol® Whey Protein (9 grams)

  • More than 1 large eggs
  • Provides a natural energy boost

Optisol® Whey Protein is a high-quality, easily digestible protein source that contains high levels of amino acids, is Grade A and rBST free. Whey protein helps to regulate body weight, increase muscle mass and protect lean muscle tissue, and provide numerous benefits to overall health and wellness.
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Premium TruCal® Calcium (40% of daily value)

  • More calcium than an 8 oz. glass of whole milk
  • TruCal is derived from real milk to strengthen bones and muscles

TruCal Calcium is a highly effective supplement derived from milk. It contains all of the elements present in bone, which allow the body to recognize and then naturally absorb it into bone mass. Most calcium supplements contain only Calcium Carbonate, and are absent of key nutrients and therefore the calcium passes through the body, without being absorbed.
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On the go… Frutel is a delicious, nutritious way to take care of you and your family.


Frutel Major Competitor*
 Calories 170 200
 Fat 3g 5g
 Protein 9g 6g
 Calcium 40% 20%

* Based on an 8oz serving size